The Rokademy Experiment destroys XMAS: with LOVE

Published December 5, 2018 | By Adrienne Proctor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s so wonderful, sometimes you just can’t stand it. By mid-December, even the jolliest of holiday elves needs a little break. You may even be tempted to turn off the Christmas shopping radio commercials, roll up the windows to block out the wintry Oklahoma wind, and blast some not-so holy night rock ‘n roll power tunes. But, there’s an even better option for the steering wheel singer in us all!

Just in time for a temporary reprieve from caroling and cocoa comes The Rokademy Experiment’s Christmas rock concert. The Rokademy Experiment Destroys XMAS: with LOVE features some of OKC’s finest musical students. This group of true rockers is led by rock musical theatre icon Matthew Alvin Brown, and together they’ve written a brand-new holiday song. The new anthem, “Christmas Muscles”, will be featured alongside other classic tunes by the likes of John Lennon, The Ramones, The Zombies, and more. Did I mention the students are ages 13 to 18? Impressed yet!?

According to Brown, “The Rokademy Experiment will endeavor to provide you the antidote to Holiday Fatigue. By December 17th, you should be neck deep in the holiday spirit. You will have Jingled the Bells, Decked the Halls, and you will have asked the burning question ‘What Child Is This?’ about 500 times. And there’s still ONE MORE WEEK TO GO. You’ll be weary and worn from the usual Xmas fare… This Xmas show is unlike any you will attend this holiday season. Come to the FREAKOUT and bask in the psychedelic chaos that is: THE ROKADEMY EXPERIMENT.”

Attending this fun event means not only hearing some awesome music and having a great time, but also supporting the arts and young talent in our community. Nothing is more rock ‘n roll than that!

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